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LawlinesRajah & TannA Rajah & Tann PublicationVolume 3 Issue 2Andersen LegalRajah & TannLawLinesBusiness Method Patents - Under Scrutinyby Lionel TanInventors are always encouraged to obtain a patent to safeguard their intellectual property as a patent grants theholder a monopoly over the invention and allows for its commercial exploitation. However, with the advent of theInternet age and explosive growth of Internet-related businesses, many new ‘inventors’ have emerged, claimingvaluable intellectual property rights over their method of business. These new ‘inventors’ have filed for, and in manycases been issued with, controversial ‘business method’ patents.The floodgates for such applications was opened in the United States after the Federal Circuit decision in StateStreet Bank & Trust Co v Signature Financial Group Inc (1999) (‘State Street’). Prior to this decision, the courts in theUnited States had created a ‘business method exception’ and denied patentability to business methods ...