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By Goji-anon The year is 1999, the turn of the mellennia. One year ago a monster believed to be Godzilla attacked New York City, although Japanese analysts have doubts. These doubts are justified, as the true Godzilla is soon to begin his rampage once again. This Godzilla is not a hero there to save humanity, but, a constant villain and a threat to all that lives on Earth. That is not to say his only opponents are humans, quite the contrary, the Earth is a lightning rod for strange phenomena. Aliens that can absorb information, genetic or otherwise; prehistoric insects that feed off of energy and grow in power from it, a monster made from the amalgam souls of those who died in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Humanity is under siege from all sides and by forces of unimaginable power. However, humanity is not helpless in this fight. Their advances in science have given them a fighting chance against those who would destroy them. This is the world you enter Jumper. You could be th...