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Michael Byram’s (1997) Model of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) Müller- Hartmann, Andreas / Schocker-von Ditfurth; Marita (2007). Introduction to English Language Teaching. Stuttgart: Klett. Savoir comprende / skills of interpreting and relating What? (explanation) = ability to interpret a document/event from another culture, to explain and relate it to documents/ events from one’s own culture, learners relate oral and written texts to each other and try to interpret each in the light of the other, involves the skill of mediation How can it be developed in class? tasks that allow careful reading, analysis, interpretation of texts – in order to achieve a change of perspective  creative tasks working with literary texts (writing new scenes, new ending), look at action in literary text from the point of view of minor characters, projects/simulations – learners experience a situation from different cultural point of view (how does the American school work – what is a typical ...