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S/2512015 Mall at JOO! Wm Pat Mail -Messages am Commcncatims Speaker Won Pat <[email protected]> Messages and Communications Speaker Won Pat <[email protected]> Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 3:58 PM To: Guam Leglslature Clerks Office <[email protected]> 812512015 81251201 SGuam State Cleanng House Ref: Department of Agnculture: SAi# 160081511 OOY33-15-0782 --For-Nafded message --From: Jessabelle David c::[email protected]> Date: Mon. Aug 24, 2015 at 4:17 PM Subject NOTICE: Federal Grant Application for Department of Agriculture To: Speaker Won Pat <[email protected]'wonpat.com> Hafa Adai Speaker, Please see attached documents for Federal Grant Application: 1.) SAi# 16008151100Y Thank you for your attentfon. Enjoy the rest of your day! Respectfully, ,.._, -Jessabelle David Grant Specialist Guam State Cleannghouse OFFICE OF THE LIETJTENANT GOVF.RNOR P_Q_Box 2950 flagiaila, lrt.l.'lm 96932 l>a k : -"'~f-"'r':,,f-r,,..'--'"s~.._ __ _ w (671) 475-9384 E _ jessabelle .dal/[email protected]