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Since movies were first invented, film makers have used tricks and technology to show on film things previously imagined. They used an understanding of how movie technology works and of how we perceive the world with our eyes to show us fantastic illusions. In this activity, you will make your own movie scene with a simple special effect known as a “substitution splice” or a “stop edit.” MATERIALS• Phone or tablet with a built-in camera that can record video and can “pause” while recording, or a video camera. (Depending on your phone/tablet model, you may need to use a 3rd party app from the app store; there are many free options.) • Something to securely hold the phone or camera in place so that it won’t move when you touch it.• A “set.” This could be a room or an outdoor space where there is little or no movement in the background, or a drawing.• An object or a friend to “star” in your production.PROCEDURE • You are going to shoot a very simple “one-shot” movie on video. In the video...