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D O R E E N B. T O W N S E N D C E N T E R O C C A S I O N A L P A P E R S • 27THE BOTANY OF DESIRE • TOWNSEND CENTER OCCASIONAL PAPERS • 27CANNABIS, FORGETTING, AND THE BOTANY OF DESIREMICHAEL POLLANIGNACIO CHAPELACATHY GALLAGHERPATRICIA UNTERMAN Cannabis, Forgetting, and theThe Botany of Desire THE DOREEN B. TOWNSEND CENTER FOR THE HUMANITIES was established at the University of Californiaat Berkeley in 1987 in order to promote interdisciplinary studies in the humanities. Endowed byDoreen B. Townsend, the Center awards fellowships to advanced graduate students and untenuredfaculty on the Berkeley campus, and supports interdisciplinary working groups, lectures, andteam-taught graduate seminars. It also sponsors symposia and conferences which strengthenresearch and teaching in the humanities, arts, and related social science fields. The Center is directedby Candace Slater, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese. Christina M. Gillis is the Associate Director.Funding for the OCCASIONAL PAPE...