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STILL LIFE PAINTINGBelow is the (suggested) materials list. While all of these materials can befound at Opus Art Supplies, similar products from other stores are fine. Noneed to bring everything, simply bring what you would like to work witheach class.1) PAINTBring oils or acrylics, although oils are strongly recommended.• Titanium White• Cadmium Yellow Pale & Cadmium Yellow Lemon• (or bring any bright yellows that you have)• Yellow Ochre Pale (or Yellow Ochre)• Cadmium Red Medium• Alizarin Crimson Red (or Permanent Alizarin)• Raw Umber• Burnt Sienna• Viridian• Ultramarine Blue• Ivory Black2) MEDIUM• Odourless mineral spirits (please bring Gambol brand ONLY, small bottle)• Refined linseed oil (small bottle)3) BRUSHESPlease bring a range of shapes and sizes. Feel free to bring whatever brushes youwish.Steve recommends:For Canvas: Both bristle & synthetic brushes can be used for canvas.• 2 Bristle Filberts: size 4• 1 Bristle Bright: size 10 or 12• 1 synthetic filbert: size 4• Synthetic R...