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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTEASTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK-----------------------------------------------------------XUNITED STATES OF AMERICA— against —MICHAEL ANGELO SOUZA, a/k/a “Mickey”;MEMORANDUM and ORDERMICHAEL BOLINO, a/k/a “Ba Ba,” “Bo Bo,” and “Curly”;06-CR-806 (SLT)SHELTON WILLIS, a/k/a “Shel”;EMANUEL RUTA, a/k/a “Manny”; andSTUART DUGAN, a/k/a “Stuey,”Defendants.-----------------------------------------------------------XTOWNES, United States District Judge:The government has filed a second superseding indictment in which defendantsMichael Angelo Souza, Michael Bolino, Shelton Willis, Emanuel Ruta, and Stuart Duganare charged.The defendants filed a number of pretrial motions. Although the filing ofdefendants’ motions preceded the return of the superseding indictment, the substance ofthose motions and the indictment remain unaffected by the supersedure. The Court heldoral argument on February 19, 2008.Certain defendants seek to have the pretrial motions and other forms of reli...