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-1- UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS In Re ) ) Case No. 20-71283 RYAN LOUIS, ) ) Chapter 11 Subchapter V Debtor. ) Before the Court are fee applications filed by the Debtor’s attorney and the Subchapter V trustee. Because both the Debtor’s attorney and the Subchapter V trustee fell short of the Court’s expectations for competency, their conduct and fee requests will be discussed at some length. But because both applicants have reduced their fees and the United States Trustee has neither objected to nor commented on the fee requests, both applications will be allowed despite the Court’s reservations. O P I N I O N SIGNED THIS: June 7, 2022__________________________________________________________________________________________ Mary P. Gorman United States Bankruptcy JudgeCase 20-71283 Doc 222 Filed 06/07/22 Entered 06/07/22 14:19:09 Desc MainDocument Page 1 of 49 -2- I. Factual and Procedural Background Ryan Louis (“Debtor”) commenced this case by filing a vo...