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401 Subordinated Loan Provider means Suncorp in its capacity as subordinated loan provider; Subscription Agreement means an agreement supplemental to the Programme Agreement (by whatever name called) in or substantially in the form set out in Schedule 6 (Form of Subscription Agreement) of the Programme Agreement or in such other form as may be agreed between the Issuer, the Covered Bond Guarantor and the Lead Manager or one or more Dealers (as the case may be); Subsidiary of an entity means another entity which: (a) is a subsidiary of the first entity within the meaning of Part 1.2 of Division 6 of the Corporations Act; or (b) is part of the consolidated entity constituted by the first entity and the entities it is required by law to include in the consolidated financial statements it prepares, or would be if the first entity was required by law to prepare consolidated financial statements; Substitution Assets means each of: (a) an at call Australian Dollar deposit held with an Eligibl...