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90Cedric Price: From the‘Brain Drain’ to the‘Knowledge Economy’Stanley Mathewslooks at Cedric Price’s Fun Palace and Potteries Thinkbeltas polemics addressing the changing economic and social character ofpostwar Britain moving into a period of deindustrialisation, with theexpansion of higher education, and the emergence of information technology.Cedric Price, Fun Palace, 1964 Cedric Price and structural engineer Frank Newby designed a structural matrix withoverhead cranes to allow assembly of prefabricated modules.AD MMM 090-095 18/5/06 6:02 pm Page 90 In his 1626book New Atlantis, Sir Francis Bacon described amythical utopia, an ideal society of learning and scientificadvancement. The centrepiece of this New Atlantis was‘Salomon’s House’, which amounted to a technical collegededicated to scientific research into ‘the knowledge of causes,and secret motions of things; and the enlarging of the boundsof human empire, to the effecting of all things possible.’1There are striking similaritie...