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Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific No. 88, 2018 18 ROLE OF INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEMS (ITS) APPLICATIONS IN THE UPTAKE OF MOBILITY ON DEMAND SERVICES Patrizia Franco, Ryan Johnston**, Ecaterina McCormick*** Keywords: mobile application, demand-responsive transit, agent-based modelling, Mobile Phone Network Data, multimodal public transport, end-to-end user journeys I. INTRODUCTION Flexible demand mobility services and shared mobility are presented as the way forward to achieve Mobility as a Service (MaaS). However, the introduction of ride sharing mobility services in urban areas is challenging the balance between private and public transport. The use of mobile applications has enabled private operators to easily reach the customers, collect data and learn from the usage of the service. Most of the time the operator works in isolation, which is disruptive and not sustainable at scale. Mobility services operators don’t follow a specific strategy prior to ...