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Chapter 2IdentIfyIng a ReseaRch PRoblem and QuestIon, and seaRchIng Relevant lIteRatuReLong before you create a research proposal, let alone conduct your research, you need to identify a problem to address and then a question or questions to ask regarding your targeted problem. This chapter first discusses the nature of a research problem, where you might get ideas for a problem to investigate, narrow-ing down or focusing on a particular problem to address, and writing good research questions. It then discusses finding literature that is relevant to and helpful in clarifying your targeted problem and question(s).21In this chapter, the reader willunderstand the characteristics of a research problem or phenomenon. ✦understand the characteristics of good research questions. ✦clarify the difference between a research problem and hypothesis. ✦understand the purposes of a literature review. ✦understand the process for conducting a literature search. ✦Chapter ObjeCtives 22 conductIng educatIo...