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Understanding the Research Process Stages of the Scientific MethodQuestion IdentifiedHypothesis FormedResearch PlanData CollectedResults AnalyzedConclusionsSteps within the research process Steps in Conducting Research◆Specific steps guide the research process◆Number of steps is indeterminate◆Various steps may be combined◆Order of steps may vary somewhat◆Importance of specific steps is variable◆“12 Steps of Research” 1.Identify the research question2.Initial review of literature3.Distilling the question to a researchable problem4.Continued review of literature5.Formulation of hypothesis6.Determining the basic research approach“12 Steps of Research” 7.Identifying the population and sample8.Designing the data collection plan9.Selecting or developing data collection instruments10.Choosing the method of data analysis11.Implementing the research plan12.Interpreting the results“12 Steps of Research”