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MRS Title 17-A, Chapter 29. FORGERY AND RELATED OFFENSESGenerated 09.28.2022Chapter 29. FORGERY AND RELATED OFFENSES| 1CHAPTER 29FORGERY AND RELATED OFFENSES§701. DefinitionsAs used in sections 702 and 703: [PL 1975, c. 499, §1 (NEW).]1. A person "falsely alters" a written instrument when, without the authority of anyone entitled to grant it, he changes a written instrument, whether it be in complete or incomplete form, by means of erasure, obliteration, deletion, insertion of new matter, transposition of matter, or in any other manner, so that such instrument in its thus altered form appears or purports to be in all respects an authentic creation of, or fully authorized by, its ostensible holder, author, maker or drawer;[PL 1975, c. 740, §75 (AMD).]2. A person "falsely completes" a written instrument when, by adding, inserting or changing matter, he transforms an incomplete written instrument into a complete one, without the authority of anyone entitled to grant it, so that such compl...