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HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION March 11, 2020 Room 267 MINUTES MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. Jim Haden (Chairperson) Ms. Kim Parati (Vice Chairperson) Ms. Jessica Hindman (2nd Vice Chairperson) Ms. Nichelle Bonaparte Mr. PJ Henningson Mr. Jim Jordan Ms. Christa Lineberger Mr. Chris Muryn Mr. John Phares Mr. Damon Rumsch Ms. Jill Walker MEMBERS ABSENT: Mr. Chris Barth OTHERS PRESENT: Ms. Kristi Harpst, Administrator of the Historic District Ms. Candice Leite, Staff to the Historic District Commission Ms. Cindy Kochanek, Staff to the Historic District Commission Ms. Linda Keich, Clerk to the Historic District Commission Ms. Andrea Leslie-Fite, Senior Assistant City Attorney Ms. Candy Thomas, Court Reporter With a quorum present, Chairman Haden called the regular March meeting of the Historic District Commission (Commission) meeting to order at 1:14 pm. He began the meeting by introducing the Staff and Commissioners and explaining the meeting procedure. All interested parties planning to give testim...