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Chapter 6: Skills for Providing Support 1. Kinesics refers to a. The relationship of bodily movements to communication b. A type of imagery helpers can use with clients c. A mindfulness exercise helpful for clients with anxiety d. The ability of helpers to speak articulately 2. Head nods in helping a. Are just a formality b. Should be utilized by helpers every time a client speaks c. Are not particularly helpful to clients d. Can communicate to clients that helpers are listening 3. Approval–reassurance is a helping skill that a. Can never be used too much b. Most accurately conveys support c. Can indicate that the helper empathizes with the client d. All of the above 4. The primary goal of attending is to a. Facilitate insight b. Communicate to clients that helpers are paying attention c. Facilitate exploration of feelings d. Normalize and validate clients’ experiences 5. Paraverbal behaviors refer to a. Tone of voice, language, and grammatical style b. Tone of voice and speech content...