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NASADC-8, AIRBORNE LABORATORYEXPERIMENTER HANDBOOKChapter 7 Page 1January 2002CHAPTER 7INFORMATION COLLECTION AND TRANSMISSION SYSTEM (ICATS)1.General InformationThe on-board Airborne Science DC-8 Information Collection andTransmission System (ICATS) was designed, assembled, andprogrammed by the DFRC Research Instrumentation (RI) Branch. TheICATS post-flight data processing archive and data access system wasdeveloped by the DFRC Research Facilities Directorate.Functions of the on-board ICATS include:A.Interfacing to and processing avionics and environmentalparameters derived from the navigational management system, theglobal positioning system, the central air data computer, theembedded GPS/INS, and analog voltage sources from the aircraftand experimenters.B.Furnishing engineering unit values of selected parameters andcomputed functions for real-time video display and archiving ASCIIdata at experimenter stations. C.Archiving the engineering unit values of all ICATS parameters ondata st...