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1 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study The use of language in communication will be more significant, if it can stir the hearer do something. Especially in directive speech act. From the utterance, “Turn on the fan”. the spaker might command people in the room to turn on the fan. The utterance form belongs to declarative sentence, because the subject and predicate have normal word order and the sentence ends period. Since the form is declarative, the conventional meaning is not to give information but, the utterance has implied meaning as an utterance of command is presented the form of question sentence. So, the utterance can be said to have directive speech act. The study of studying directive speech act is always interesting to do. There are three reasons why this the study about directive speech act is still freshly conducted, First, directives is a kind of speech act that often used by speakers in daily conversation. For using directive, the speakers attempt to make c...