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perpustakaan.uns.ac.id digilib.uns.ac.id commit to user 17 CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW A. Chick-lit: Genre and Its Formula Invention provides the new perception and responds the new information about the world (Cawelti, 1972). Invention provides the new characterization, new plot, new ideas, or linguistic forms. Chick lit is a new invention in literature because it is made from the mixture of several major traditional fictions, like romance, popular romance, and novel of manners (Ferriss & Young, Chick Lit: The New Women's Fiction, 2006). It is a literature about women, especially white women. Chick lit is the new invention in romance literature which it has several different parts from romance. Chick lit brings fresh ideas about women in 21st Century, as the result of globalization and the spread of popular culture and it is acceptable among women because of its freshness and the female matters content (Smith, 2008). Chick lit is a new genre in women literature which talks about wome...