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Cheque RefCost Centre DescriptionNominal Code DescriptionBACSRedhouse Park Art ProjectProject activitiesBACSAllotmentsAdditional MaintenanceBACSRedhouse Park Art ProjectProject activitiesBACSRedhouse Park Art ProjectProject activitiesBACSRedhouse Park Art ProjectProject activitiesBACSPavilions GenericCaretakingBACSHS & MD FacilitySports Ground MaintenanceBACSAllotments, HS & MD FacilityAdditional MaintenanceBACSResource Review - Shared SvcsProject activitiesBACSStaff and Cllr Costs & Environmental (place) CostsWages; Net pay, Eee NI & Tax Transaction DetailDate PaidTotalPayee NamePreliminary design fee04/01/2018960.00£ Ruth Moilliet Sculpture7x water troughs15/01/20181,075.20£ Tanks For Everything LtdROCLA art project19/01/20182,215.00£ Rob GriffithsROCLA project deposit22/01/20181,800.00£ Lamp & Pencil LtdP Elrington. Wader sculpture26/01/20181,000.00£ Ptolemy ElringtonCaretaking Jan1831/01/2018650.00£ Sally JessopGround maint Jan1831/01/20182,814.00£ Sports Ground ServicesP2 tree wor...