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5Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics • University of CaliforniaChina’s Agriculture: Achievements and ChallengesColin A. CarterPersistent high food prices have drawn renewed attention to the role of China in world food markets. There is concern that China will be unable to keep expanding its food supply to meet growing demand for meat, becoming more dependent on world food markets and driving prices even higher. This article reviews achievements made by China’s agriculture and highlights key challenges faced by that country in agriculture.It has been over 30 years since China abandoned its large com-munal farms. Each “farm” had thousands of workers, assigned to production brigades. The communes were run by inefficient and corrupt top-down management, and state monopolies procured farm production at fixed prices. The communal farm-ing system was a complete disaster, underscored by the 1959–61 famine when an estimated 30 million Chinese residents starved to death. The com-munes ...