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72 BizVoice/Indiana Chamber – September/October 2013chinese connectionsA Taste of Home Helps Attract Foreign Travelershile it can be fun to get “lost” in new places on vacation, sometimes small touches from your familiar home can put you at ease. The same holds true for those visiting Indiana. Tourists around the globe pour millions of dollars into shopping, sightseeing, sports, dining and other attractions every year. But at its core, tourism isn’t just about revenue and economic impact (although that’s vitally important). It’s about exploring different cultures and new experiences. In short – it’s about people. “Tourism, unlike many other industries, is not just ‘buy and sell.’ Everybody is a touch point in a tourist experience,” declares Liping Cai, professor and director of the Purdue Tourism & Hospitality Research Center and director of the Purdue University China Center. “We need to go beyond the transactional buyer-seller mentality (in bringing more visitors to Indiana). It’s no...