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|163Choosing a collegeI made an open application as I really couldn’t decide. I love the college I was assigned to. Nicole, 1st yearI was accepted to the college I applied to. When choosing a college, I just had a few criteria in mind. Camille, 2nd yearI didn’t know much about the different colleges going into it, but love where I am - all’s well that ends well! James, 4th yearI managed to look at several different colleges on an open day and although they all seemed very similar, one of them particularly stuck out in my mind, so I decided to apply there. I had two interviews at my college and two interviews in another and I got offered a place at the college I put on my UCAS application. Jamie, 2nd yearI found choosing a college really hard! I chose one to apply to but was interviewed at two colleges, and ended up being offered a place at the other one. Imogen, 4th year You will have read through the previous pages on each of the Oxford colleges that admit undergraduates but still may...