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Choosing a TMS Plus Managed Services ProviderMaking the Most of Your RFP 1Choosing a TMS Plus Managed Services Provider | Making the Most of Your RFPIN BRIEFImplementing a transportation management system (TMS) and want to make sure you maximize the return on investment (ROI)? Managed services solutions offer TMS technology combined with experienced logistics talent who maximize the value of the TMS technology. If you are considering an RFP process to source a managed services provider, there are several key items that can help you choose the provider that best fits your organizational strategy and help you achieve your goals.CONTENTSOutline Your Goals and Objectives 2Consider the People 2Find the Right Culture Fit 2Assess Technology Scalability, Features, and Analytics 3Mitigate Risk 3Understand the Deployment and Ongoing Process Improvement Strategy 4Develop a Definitive Savings Plan 4Retain the Control You Need 5Look for Hidden Fees 5Look Beyond Standard RFP Responses 5 2Choosing a ...