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CloudGuard Architecture Blueprint Diagrams Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. All Rights Reserved ©2021 Network Security• Advanced Threat Prevention & Traffic Inspection• Common Policy and Logging Infrastructure• Unified management of physical and virtual infrastructure• Automated deployment through IaC• Dynamic policies map to cloud through tags and metadata• Support also for Oracle, Alibaba Cloud, IBM, and moreAdditional Cloud Security Capabilities• Continuous Compliance with Industry Frameworks and BestPractices• Identify misconfigurations in IaaS and PaaS• Automatic Remediation integrated natively• Workload Protection for Kubernetes clusters and Serverless functions• “Shift left” security posture into CI/CD pipeline• Consumes & correlates cloud native network and audit logsOverall Architecture:• ThreatCloud delivers real-time dynamic security intelligencefrom a collaborative cloud driven knowledge base• Holistic security view• High Fidelity context for Threat Hunting & Intellig...