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Cognitive Exploration of Language and Linguistics René Dirven and Marjolijn Verspoor, Editors Assignments and Solutions compiled by René Dirven and MarjolijnVerspoor in cooperation with Dirk Geeraerts, Ralf Pörings, Günter Radden, Wilbert Spooren, John Taylor, Anna Wierzbicka and Margaret Winters COGNITIVE EXPLORATION OF LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS 2 Chapter 1. The cognitive basis of language 1.6. Assignments (page 23) Assignment 1.6.1. What types of sign are involved in the following cases? (a) inverted triangle as a road sign (b) sign depicting falling rocks (c) morse signs (d) frozen window panes of a car (e) speedometer in car (f) burglar alarm going off (g) baby crying (h) dog wagging its tail (i) animal drawings in cave dwellings (j) a wedding ring (k) a clenched fist in the air (l) a ring in the nose (human) Solution 1.6.1. (a) Symbolic, as it is a convention that this road sign is a warning sign. (b) Iconic, as it is an image of falling rocks, a warning of potential danger. (c) Sy...