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COLD CHAIN PERFORMANCE ISSUES NOW AND IN THE FUTURE R. D. HEAP President, International Institute of Refrigeration Science & Technology Council President, Cambridge Refrigeration Technology 25 Aylesford Way, Stapleford, Cambridge CB2 5DP, UK [email protected] ABSTRACT The cold chain remains one of the most important ways to preserve perishables and deliver them to market in good condition. The various requirements for success in the cold chain are identified, and examples of what can go wrong are given. Environmental issues are considered. Solutions for the future relating to produce, equipment, stowage and handling, and logistics are identified. The main requirements are for education and training and for provision of good operating systems. 1. INTRODUCTION The cold chain is generally considered as the transport and storage chain between the initial production and the final consumer of temperature-controlled perishable goods. This is not a complete definition, as there are oth...