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M A S T E R P L A NC O L LE G E O F A R T S & A R C H I T E C T U R EP E N NS T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y February 15, 20111 ObjectivesChallengesImmediate PrioritiesMaster Plan Graphic: Immediate PrioritiesLong –Term PossibilitiesMaster Plan Graphic2Master Plan ‐Contents Produce a Master Plan for the College of Arts & Architecture ‐Guide decisions about Esber‐Inform long‐term investments in facilities ‐Address the College Strategic PlanCreate an Identifiable Arts District to foster public missionFocus on Immediate PrioritiesReview Big Ideas for the FutureIntegrate Arts & Architecture Master Plan into the UP Campus Master Plan3Master Plan ‐Objectives Significant backlog of major maintenance projectsoImplications for ADA, HVAC, and other comfort issues. No identifiable presence of the arts; buildings hide creativity withinRelated programs are currently too dispersed to teach effectivelyDeficiencies in laboratory spaces‐‐‐performance and visual arts spacesNo appropriate sp...