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PAY INFORMATIONPreparer's Name:Preparer's Titler:EMPLOYEREMPLOYEE INFORMATIONWORKSITE INFORMATIONBlood borne pathogensFormaldehyde/XyleneChemicalsLaboratory animalsClass 3b or 4a lasersInfectious agents (e.g. varicella, polio)Radioactive materialsWill any of the following be present at the worksite:FOR COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER ONLYBe required to use a respiratorInteract with patients and/or research subjectsParticipate in physician billingWill the casual employee:NOTICE TO THE CASUAL EMPLOYEEYour rate of pay:Designated pay day: All casual employees are paid on a bi-weekly pay schedule. For more information on the University's payroll calendar, please refer to:http://finance.columbia.edu/controller/payrollI understand that my employment with Columbia University is on a “casual” basis. I understand that the estimated duration of my employment with theUniversity should not exceed 560 hours or 4 months, whichever comes first, in a 12-month period with limited exceptions.This limi...