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1 The Lee Kong Chian School of Business Academic Year 2014/15 Term 1 COMM 120 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Instructor: ONG SIOW HENG Title: Associate Professor of Corporate Communication (Practice) Tel: 6828 0704 Email: [email protected] Office: LKCSB #0472 COURSE DESCRIPTION The course provides strategies on how to read a person’s culture. Features of culture such as individualism/collectivism, power distance, masculinity/femininity, and issues related to intercultural adaptation, ethnocentrism, prejudice, stereotyping will be discussed. The aim of this course is to develop intercultural competence, which will make business practices more meaningful and significant. LEARNING OBJECTIVES By the end of this course, students will be able to:  Read a person’s culture using the axioms of intercultural communication  Demonstrate intercultural communication competence  Develop knowledge and skills in managing multi-cultural communication PRE-REQUISITE/ CO-REQUISITE/ MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE COURSE...