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Commute: A Bus Shelter Art Exibition – Artist Bios & Artwork Descriptions 1: Maureen Hourigan In the Wild, 2019, mixed media on paper In the Wild is an illustration about the life on the forest floor. Maureen Hourigan grew up in the country on a farm in Saanichton, BC. She has been a practicing artist for many years, creating flora and fauna in layers of expressive line work in pastel, pen, sculptures and embroidery. Maureen conveys her admiration of the natural world through the instinctual expression of the pen, brush and needle. She is influenced by artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, William Morris and Matisse. 2: Leah Mcinnis Logging Housing Industry, 2020, digital collage Logging Housing Industry features two black and white collages made from found images, laid over a logging site in northern Europe. The common thread between them is architecture and the potential for building, while acknowledging the layered histories of industries, such as logging. The environmental and social i...