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Compensation Report 2020Compensation Report 202031 32Compensation Report 2020Compensation Report 2020Introduction The future success of Nestlé is dependent on its ability to attract, motivate and retain the right talented employees. Among the various programs to support this ambition is a competitive remuneration policy. Nestlé believes in a performance culture as well as good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.Therefore, remuneration at Nestlé is based on the following principles: –pay for performance to support the Company’s short-term and long-term objectives; –compensation aligned with long-term Group strategy and shareholders’ interests; –coherence in our remuneration plans and levels throughout the Company; –competitiveness versus external market comparisons; –appropriate balance of fixed and variable remuneration and short-term and long-term rewards.This Compensation Report shall be submitted to the advisory vote of the shareholders at the Annual General Me...