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Computers, analytics and healthcare –what’s patentable at the interface?15 JULY 2020Ken Simpson (Principal) 2OverviewGeneral considerations for patentabilitySpecial considerations for diagnostics and softwareWhat aspects of digital health innovation can be patentable?–Some case studiesKey takeaways and best practices 3PatentabilityNovelty/inventive stepSufficiency/support –have you provided a sufficient technical “roadmap” to make the invention (across the full scope of the claims)?Subject matter eligibility/inherent patentability –is this the right “type” of subject matter for a patent under national laws?•Can be the biggest hurdle for software and diagnostics 4Subject matter eligibility: USIn principle –“anything under the sun made by man”Subsequent exceptions carved out by courts –Alice/Mayo1.laws of nature;2.natural phenomena; and3.abstract ideas.Bioinformatics inventions often fall foul of #1 and/or #3.Diagnostics get caught by #1 and/or #2. 5How do we get to eligibility in the US...