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4/20/05ArchitectureArchitectingArchitectsBREDEMEYER CONSULTING, Tel: (812) 335-1653ARCHITECTURE RESOURCESFor Enterprise Advantagehttp://www.bredemeyer.comhttp://www.bredemeyer.comConceptual Architecture Action GuidePurpose: The intent of the conceptual architecture is to direct attention at anappropriate decomposition of the system without delving into the details ofinterface specification. Key constructs are identified, including significantarchitectural elements such as components and relationships among them,as well as architectural mechanisms. Architectural mechanisms are designedto address cross-cutting concerns that cannot be localized within a singlecomponent.Key Activities: •Determine architecturally significant requirements.•Create the high-level organizing structure of the system: identifyarchitectural components, their responsibilities and relationships.•Identify architectural mechanisms to address cross-cutting con-cerns.•Validate that the architecture meets stakeholder goa...