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Conceptualizing the aspectIdentity formationamong Indian adolescence during the social media usage: A study of Indian communication theory and Asiatic Paradigm Sonal D. Nade (Department of Communication Studies, University of Pune) Amid the outburst of social media in every adolescence life the act of communication differs with the hope of acceptability among their peers. The researcher here aims to understand how the adolescence molds their social networking communication to accomplish the process of Sadharanikaran and attain the concept of finding their Identity. Indian Model of Communication: Sadharanikaran model of communication is an Indian model of communication where the communicator needs to perceive the thinking of receiver for the communication to happen.The term sadharanikaran is derived from the Sanskrit word sadharan; and has been translated into English as "generalized presentation" (Vedantatirtha, 1936, p. 35), "simplification" (Yadava, 1998, p. 187), and "universalizati...