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This is an author-generated prepublished draft. The final version is availableonline at Cambrige Journals Online (doi:10.1017/S0022226712000059).c© Cambridge University Press 2012Conjunction, cumulation and respectively readings∗Rui P. ChavesLinguistics Department – University at BuffaloThe State University of New [email protected] respectively readings have posed serious challenges for theories of syntaxand semantics. Sentences like George and Martha respectively denounced and weredenounced by the governor (McCawley 1998) show that although the conjoined verbalexpressions share the same syntactic subject, they do not predicate that subject in thesame way; George (not Martha) denounced the governor, and Martha (but not George)was denounced by the governor. Postal (1998, 160–163) and Gawron & Kehler (2004,193–194) show that this phenomenon poses problems for contemporary theories ofgrammar and argue that it is particularly acute for theories where subcategorizatio...