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Conservation treatment of a winged victory figure from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium The renovation of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp necessitated the restoration of this marble sculpture. This larger than life sculpture (approx. 1,90 x 1,10 x 0,70 m) was dirty and parts were broken off, making it unfit for exhibition. Now it has been treated, it can be exhibited once more. Christian Daniel Rauch In the 19th Century, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, collected contemporary art works and displayed them in the Academy’s Museum. The Museum commission approached professors of the Academy as well as several foreign artists, and in 1854 they contacted the then famous German sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch (1777-1857) to donate one of his marble sculptures. Victory Rauch proposed to make a victory figure, his most popular subject. He meant to copy one of the six Victoria sculptures he made in 1841 for the Walhalla in Regensburg, Germany, which would ...