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001-007_KUBRICK_ARCHIVES_HC_BU_LITHO_45439.IND75 405.04.16 15:474 — ContentsContentsPrEfACE Alison Castle 6EArly Work 8“Early Work” Gene D. Phillips 12“Young Man With Ideas and a Camera” Thomas M. Pryor 42killEr’s kiss 1955 46“Killer’s Kiss” Gene D. Phillips 56thE killing 1956 80“The Killing“ Gene D. Phillips 88PAths of glory 1957 116“Paths of Glory” Gene D. Phillips 126“Good Morning Mr. Kubrick” Raymond Haine 158“Conversation with Stanley Kubrick” Jay Varela 166sPArtACus 1960 174“Spartacus” Gene D. Phillips 184“Director’s Notes” Stanley Kubrick 216lolitA 1962 222“Lolita” Gene D. Phillips 232“Words and Movies” Stanley Kubrick 272“An Interview with Stanley Kubrick” Terry Southern 276dr. strAngElovE, or: hoW i lEArnEd to stoP 290Worrying And lovE thE BomB 1964“Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” 300Gene D. Phillips “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cinema” Stanley Kubrick 348 “Stanley Kubrick and Joseph Heller: A Conversation” 3542001: A sPAC...