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Responsive ArchitectureM.Sc. Arch04 - May 2019 - Group 16 - Jeppe Fabricius Svansø - Mads Bue JensenCopenhagen Community Greenhouse Title: Copenhagen Community Greenhouse Responsive ArchitectureProject Module: MA Thesis 2019Start date: 01.02.2019End date: 23.06.2019 Main supervisor: MSc.Eng.Arch., M.Arch., Architect MAA, PhD Isak Worre Foged, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology Tech. supervisor: Dario Parigi Associate Professor Department of Civil EngineeringAuthors: Jeppe Fabricius Svansø Mads Bue JensenTotal Pages: 95Booklet copies: 6 Attached appendixAalborg UniversityDepartment of Architecture, Design, and Media TechnologyJeppe Fabricius SvansøMads Bue Jensen This thesis investigates integrated design in architecture. It does so through a project case of a new community greenhouse for Copenhagen. A meeting place for different scales of agriculture, as well as a place where agriculture and people can meet.The design approach explores design i...