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AN ACT TO AMEND AND CONSOLIDATE THE ACTS RESPECTING COPYRIGHT. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-- tives of the United States of America in Oongres8 as- sembled, That any person entitled thereto, upon comply- ing with the provisions of this Act, shall have the exclu-6 sive right: () T -t .t blish d d th EJ:clnelY8a 0 print, repnn, pu ,copy, an ven e right to Prlnll copyrighted work; ~:n~ltIb an (b) To translate the copyrighted work into other Ian-r1g:"J:t~I~:'::.~ guages or dialects or make any other version thereof if itlate. dramatize,, , arrange and 10 be a literary work; to dramatize it if it be a nondramatic adapt. etc. work; to convert it into a novel or other nondramatic work if it be a drama; to arrange or adapt it if it be a musical work; to complete, execute, and finish it if it be a model or design for a work of art; (c) To deliver or authorize the delivery of the copy-E:o;c I n II Ive 15 rlgbt to deliver righted work in public for profit if it be a lecture...