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THE STATUTES OF THE REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORECOPYRIGHT ACT(CHAPTER 63)Act2 of 1987REVISED EDITION 1988PRINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, SINGAPORE 1988 CHAPTER 631988 Ed.Copyright ActARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONSPart IPreliminarySection1. Short title.2. Application.3. Application to Government.4. Copyright not to subsist except by virtue of this Act.5. Savings of rights of Government, etc.6. Operation of other laws.Part IIInterpretation7. Interpretation.8. Residence.9. Acts comprised in copyright.10. Acts done in relation to substantial part of work or other subject-matter deemed to be done in relation to the whole.11. References to acts done with licence of owner of copyright.12. References to partial assignment of copyright.13. Libraries established or conducted for profit.14. Names under which work is published.15. Reproduction of works.16. Provisions relating to the making of a work or other subject-­matter.17. Computer storage.18. Sound recordings and records.19. References to sounds and vi...