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EÖTVÖS LORÁND TUDOMÁNYEGYETEMB ö l c s é s z e t t u d o m á n y i K a rEmail: [email protected]ÖTVÖS LORÁND UNIVERSITYF a c ul ty o f H um a n i t i e sE-mail: [email protected] DESCRIPTIONSBBN-OLA-112Language Development 2The aim of the course is the development of the four language learning competences (understandingof spoken and written texts, communication in writing and in speech). The method we use iscommunicative. Besides the material prepared and recommended by the teacher, we use thefollowing book: De Giuli A., Guastalla C., Naddeo C.M., Magari!, Alma Edizioni, Firenze, 2010 (6-10.lessons).BBN-OLA11-301History of Italian Literature 1The subjects with the title History of Italian literature aims at giving a wide overview for teacher trainingstudents. History of Italian literature 1 teaches the most important phenomena, tendencies and authorsof 18th and 19th century Italian literature and theatre. Its main topics are the commedia dell’arte, CarloGoldoni’s oeuvre an...