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DIVERSIFICATIONEnhancing Water Supply Reliability Of all the water-efficient upgrades home-owners can make, landscape retrofits are the most expensive. However, in the long run, replacing turf with a water-efficient land-scape saves water, reduces maintenance and increases your home’s value. But do your landscape ideas match your budget? According to the Association of Pro-fessional Landscape Designers, homeowners should budget 5 to 10 percent of their home’s market value for the installation or renovation of the entire landscape and expect up to a 200 percent return on the investment. However, resourceful homeowners can find ways to get a quality landscape for less. A budget will help you decide which of your design ideas stay, which don’t, and which need tweaking. It Pays to be WaterSmart!Visit WaterSmartSD.org to learn about incen-tives and discounts, including rebates on high-efficiency irrigation equipment. The site also lists free landscaping classes offered around the San Diego ...