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Lina Ghotmeh — ArchitectureAzure — Mar. 2021_DESIGN _ARCHITECTURE _INTERIORS _CURIOSITY$9.95MAR/APR 2021PM40048073 R09064CREATING INCLUSIVITY SPECIAL REPORT What's new in doors, windows and coveringsSPACES AND PLACES THAT WELCOME, EMBRACE AND HEALP01_Cover_MA21_F.indd 1P01_Cover_MA21_F.indd 12021-02-16 9:44 AM2021-02-16 9:44 AM Lina Ghotmeh — ArchitectureAzure — Mar. 2021Barely in her forties, Lina Ghotmeh is already making a mark on the world of architecture. In 2020, Stone Garden, a 13-storey residential tower she designed in her hometown of Beirut during her partnership in Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane / Architects, was being completed when an explosion rocked the city’s port. Constructed with a 35-centimetre-thick envelope and deep-set windows, the building stood firm. It also telegraphs the Paris-based architect’s embrace of the theme of future archaeology and her understanding of cities as multi-layered timelines. Today, with plant fronds dripping from its facade, the project reflects Ghot...