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10The major preparation listed above ONLY includes courses for which articulation exists. This information is based upon university course articulation and catalog information available at the time of publication. It is to be used as a guide for lower division preparation for the major and not as an official document. It is the student’s responsibility to check the current catalog and articulation for any additional course requirements, or for any changes which may occur. Students are advised to consult with a SAC counselor. Additional articulation information can be obtained at www.assist.org. (02/11)CRIMINAL JUSTICETransfer Major Advisement SAC COURSES CSU CSU UC FULLERTON LONg BEACh IRvINE CRIMINAL JUSTICE 101, INTRO/CRIMINAL JUSTICE X CRIMINAL JUSTICE 103, CRIMINAL LAW CRIMINAL JUSTICE 109, COMMUNITY INTERACTION CRIMINAL JUSTICE 205, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OTHER 1.1 2.1, 2.2 3.1 1.1 CSUF: All courses are upper division at CSUF. Students are urged to attend a New Major Advisement Se...