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Contents Introduction 21 1 The lawyer’s method 31 2 What does criminal law comprise? 41 3 Procedure 41 4 The sources of criminal law 51 5 Study materials 61 6 Online resources 71 7 Preparing for the examination 71 8 Getting started 71 Introduction page 2 University of London International ProgrammesIntroductionThis module guide is designed to help you to learn, understand, apply and evaluate those aspects of the criminal law which form the syllabus of the University of London International Programmes Criminal law module. It is intended to be read in conjunction with your textbook and has been designed to fit together with it. In each chapter of the module guide you will be directed to parts of the textbook, the virtual learning environment (VLE) or cases to be found in the Online Library, with a view to answering questions about the subject. In this way your knowledge and understanding of the subject is enhanced. Reading without thinking cannot achieve this. Criminal law 1 Introduction...