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1 CRS-related Frequently Asked Questions (February 2019) The OECD maintains and regularly updates this list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the application of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). These FAQs were received from business and government delegates. The answers to such questions provide further precisions on the CRS and help to ensure consistency in implementation. More information on the CRS is available on the Automatic Exchange Portal. New or updated FAQs SECTION I: GENERAL REPORTING REQUIREMENTS 1. Reporting balance or value What balance or value of an Equity Interest should be reported where the value is not otherwise frequently determined by the Financial Institution (for example it is not routinely recalculated to report to the customer)? The Standard defines the account balance or value in the case of an Equity interest as the value calculated by the Financial Institution for the purpose that requires the most frequent determination of value (Commentary to Se...