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TESOL-France http://www.tesol-france.org/Cultural, Multicultural, Cross-cultural, Intercultural:A Moderator’s ProposalSusan FriesAbstractThis article is an attempt to cover some of the issues of terminology, philosophy andpolitics at the point where language teaching and culture meet and sometimes collide. Itis intended for English teachers who have not had much contact with the field ofintercultural communication, except perhaps what they have seen in recent EFL coursebooks. Nevertheless, many of these teachers have had some personal experience offunctioning in more than one culture, for example as an EFL teacher in a foreign country,or of dealing with students from cultures other than theirs. This is the case in almostevery EFL classroom nowadays: even French native speakers teaching English in Frenchschools have have students of foreign origin or of mixed background.BackgroundThis article was inspired by promotional material that was sent out before the 2002TESOL-France Colloquium, ...