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CV8005 Ancient Chinese Architecture and Man-Made Wonders [Lectures: 26 hrs; Tutorials: 13 hrs; Lab: 0 hrs; Academic Units: 3.0] LEARNING OBJECTIVE To enrich students with knowledge of traditional Chinese architectures from both the aesthetics and engineering perspective COURSE CONTENT Introduction to traditional Chinese architecture including palaces, homes, temples, tombs, and gardens: the characteristic of Chinese traditional architectures, and their historical and cultural backgrounds. Engineering aspects of the traditional Chinese architectures: infrastructure systems; construction materials; foundations and structural forms. Introduction to some man-made wonders in ancient China like Great Wall, Dujiangyan Dam, Great Canal, etc. LEARNING OUTCOME The students will be able to know the basic forms of ancient Chinese architecture and their historical and cultural background. They will also be able to give comments from the civil engineering perspective. TEXTBOOK Nil REFERENCES Liang S...